1/19: Greatest Hash Ever! Join for fun, friends and fresh air

The Hunan Hash House Harriers are meeting on Sunday, January

19, 2020, at 1pm. Yes, we meet even though this is a working weekend, because this
may finally give those of you who have to work on normal weekends the chance to
see for yourself what the HHH hype is all about.

For more information and for signing up please contact Double00Dirk
on wechat. Or visit our website www.hunanhash.org.

AS YOU KNOW, the Hunan Hash House Harriers is Hunan's most active hashing group. We regularly meet once every two weeks for some serious, and not so serious, off road running (or fast walking as we often have two trails to choose from for all abilities). This is followed by the 'down downs' which is our magic circle of drinking and 'nominations' for both newbies and old hash hands. Take part in enough runs and get your Hash Name which stays with you for life! 

The hash run group, which can be found in most cities, is for adults but sometimes children accompany us on the run is 'mismanaged' by it's Committee and Grand Master (GM) who, allong with the hares, set trails for us to find and tackle. Expect ditches, forests, lakeside trails and stunning mountain top views as we set a different trail every week. Typically, runs are held on Sunday afternoons and are followed by a dinner and more beers back at one of our kennels in downtown Changsha, for those who want it. 

Hashing is a fantastic way to see parts of nearby Changsha that are otherwise inaccessible and untouristy - as well as making new friends and getting some serious exercise in. What better way to enjoy nature and live life to the full? Why not give it a try? 

Add Double00Dirk (GM) on wechat to sign up and join our lively wechat group. Check out the main Hunan Hash website for more info, pics of past runs and all the merriment that unfolds at the end of this article (click Read More).

Hunan Hash House Harriers

"A drinking club with a running problem"




The GM

GM is short for Grand Master, or Grand Mattress if the GM happens to be of the female persuasion. Among all the smart and wise and pretty hashers the GM is the smartest and wisest and prettiest. The GM guides us and we follow him blindly. The GM also has the privilege to open and close the circle.

The Circle

After the run we gather to take the piss out of each other and to drink with our fellow hashers. This is happening in the so-called circle. When the GM calls for it, all hashers form a circle around him. At first, the GM will call the hares into the circle, the guys who set the trail. What do you think about todays trail? the GM asks the crowd then. Now the assembled hashers may express their opinions, and most do so in a rather passionate fashion.

Then the GM hands over the circle to the RA. The RA introduces the virgins and visiting hashers, and hopefully gets the crowd excited with some funny down downs, before he finally opens the circle for accusations. From then on until the GM closes the circle every hasher can walk right into the circle and reward down downs to any fellow hasher. Important is that the accuser and the accused drink together from our specially designed hash drinking vessels.


The RA

RA is short for Religious Advisor. The RA is in charge of the circle and the weather.

Of course, a good RA has to be humorous and spontaneous. However, while nearly everyone can be hilariously funny in front of a crowd of unforgiving hashers, most people fail to maintain good guanxi with the local weather gods. 


The Hash Cash

The arguably most powerful person on the mismanagement team is the hash cash, because money rules. The Hash Cash collects all hash fees and pays for all expenses. If you are a hare and you want to claim money for transportation you need to deal with the Hash Cash.


The Haberdash

The Haberdash is in charge of the hash merchandise such as shirts etc. The Haberdash has to keep the stock and bring it to the hash to sell it.


The Harerazor

This mismanager schedules when and who is going to be the hare. If you want to be a hare, or have questions about how to set a proper Hunan Hash trail, you can ask him. 


The Hares

The term hares derives from the ancient Greek word for heroes. Although not necessarily members of the mismanagement team these fine people are in fact the most important hashers. Without them we wouldnt have trails or, for that matter, a hash.

Besides setting two trails, a short and a long one, the hares also have to find a good restaurant close to the finish point.

Everyone can be a hare. If you want to be the hare contact the Harerazor.

Since the Hares are so essential for the success of the hash it is good and common practice that they run for free!

Q & A

Q: I am not a good runner. Can I still join?

A: Yes, as long as you can hike. Just keep in mind that this is not a stroll in the park, so when on trail youve got to keep moving.

Q: Why should I run/hike at all? Couldnt I just skip the trail and start drinking beer right away?

A: No, you should do the trail to build up a good thirst for the circle.

Q: The circle? Whats that?

A: That is where hashers accuse one another of whatever comes to mind in order to make ourselves drink. Remember to never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Q: What should I bring?

A: A good pair of shoes, a warm jacket to put on after the run and a set of clean clothes.  

Any questions?

In English ask wechat ID: Double00Dirk


Hashing originated in December 1938 in Selayang Quarry, Selangor, then in the Federated Malay States (now Malaysia), when a group of British colonial officers and expatriates began meeting on Monday evenings to run, in a fashion patterned after the traditional British paper chase or "hare and hounds", to rid themselves of the excesses of the previous weekend. These officers created the term "Hash House Harriers" after the Selangor Club Annex, where several of the original hashers happened to live and dined, known as the "Hash House". Now, it has become a worldwide running club with a heavy drinking emphasis (so, in fact, most members prefer to stroll around the course, laid down by someone acting as the "Hare" for the trail). Everyone then meets up, after many course drinks, for a final drinking challenge at a designate 'Hash House'.

Now, there are Hash Houses all over China and the world... so get involved! Here are other H3's...


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