2019-nCoV UPDATE: Announcement from Changsha Gov to Foreigners

2019-nCoV LATEST

WNIC has directly received the following communique

Special Announcement 

from the

Foreign Affairs Office 


Changsha Municipal Peoples Government

to all

Foreigners in Changsha


To foreign friends in Changsha 

Due to the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Hunan Province and Changsha City have activated level I emergency response for public health event. For your health, we hereby recommend:


I. Follow official information release. Follow "Changsha Fabu"() and other official wechat accounts for the epidemic update, the list of designated hospitals in Changsha, and prevention and treatment guide. If you have any questions, please call 24-hour line of Changsha Center of Disease Control and Prevention: 0731-84792176. 


II. Strengthen prevention and self-protection. Maintain good hygiene by washing hands often with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or your elbow while coughing or sneezing. Open the windows for proper ventilation and keep your rooms clean. Avoid close contact with any wild animals or birds. Eggs and meat must be thoroughly cooked before consumption.  


III. Minimize outdoor activities. Avoid crowded places, parties and group activities. Correctly wear a mask (better surgical mask) when you go out. If you have mild to severe respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulty or fatigue, please go to a designated hospital with a mask on.  


IV. Join in mass prevention and control efforts. If you have visited Wuhan or other high-incidence areas, or contacted with people from those areas,  please closely observe your health condition, stay at home and timely report to local disease control authorities or the person in charge of foreign affairs in your organization. Please cooperate with government or community personnel or medical staff if they inquire about your condition.  


Thanks for your support to the coronavirus control and prevention. Lets join hands to tide over the difficulties and win the battle of the prevention and control of 



Wish you good health and happiness.


     Foreign Affairs Office of Changsha Municipal Peoples Government

                               January 27th, 2020"

2019-nCoV cases to date in Hunan

By the end of January27,atotalof143cumulative confirmedcaseshadbeenreportedinHunan,including31incriticalconditionsand1severecaseturnedintocommonone.Nopeopledied,andno people had been discharged from hospital after recovery. Hunan's Governor Xu also stressed eight very important tasks frontline command; public prevention and control; management of epidemic sources; guaranteed supplies; epidemic situation study and forecast; reassuring the people; information sharing; and, using every moment. 

Police arrest Hubei man for disturbance

Police are investigating the actions of a 22 year old man from Hubei who was shouting in Wuyi Square "I just came from Wuhan, to harm others!". According to news agency , the man, dressed in black and holding a Hubei hukou, has been residing in Changsha with his parents since last October. He is being detained by Kaifu Police. 

Full story here found on official news outlet cswbweixin (wechat official account).

New Changsha Metro Operating Times

Due to the reduced passenger flow, from today Changsha Metro will apply the following time adjustments: 7am-10pm with reduced train intervals (up to 15mins on some lines). Be aware that mask usage is now REQUIRED when using the Metro.

Face Mask Policy in Malls

Be aware that many malls, supermarkets and public transport hubs are now requiring all individuals to wear a face mask for entry. No face mask, no entry. Be prepared. 

This includes Changsha Huanghua Airport. 

No mask, no flight!

City bars/clubs are STILL closed

All places of entertainment to remain shut until further notice to avoid the spread of the virus in establishments that encourage social interaction and close personal proximity. Restaurants, schools and malls are not affected (so far).

No Changsha City 'Lockdown'

There is still no indication from official sources that any city or town in Hunan, including provincial capital Changsha, will be shut down in a similar way to those affected cities in neighbouring Hubei province. See further below for info about travel times and precautions.

Which meds are being advised?

The following official media source (People's Daily, ) shows a list of the best medical drugs (to date) which might be able to combat coronaviruses and flues. Please remember that there is currently NO cure for the "Wuhan Coronavirus" (or '2019-nCoV'). The top med would be the oseltamivir drug (used to fight most strains of severe flu) as well as and rest, drinking plenty of water and staying warm. If you are not able to get to a hospital or clinic (see our clinic list below) you could enquire about this medicine from a chemist. In all cases, consult a medical advisor.

Treatment/Checks for Foreigners

Want Want International Hospital has set up a special English-speaking check up zone (which according to feedback is not so crowded at the time of this article being written). This walk-in centre is open 24hours a day, every day. Check our list below for all centres. Additionally, you can go to any Chemist and inform them of any illness you have.

Hunan Want Want Hospital

No. 318 Renmin East Road


Changsha's Number 1 Hospital

This hospital has announced that it is preparing an entire section of its complex to be dedicated to the treatment of those effected by 2019-nCoV. Let's hope it won't be used much.

Employers to Notify Changsha Gov of Illness

Employers of foreign experts have been asked to inform Changsha Gov of any ill foreigners who may be showing symptoms of the virus. The effort is to show concern and care for foreigners as the local Gov realises many people may be feeling alone, afraid or even panicked. This reaches across all types of employers but not international students (who should inform their universities instead).

WNIC Advice: Ask your employer if they have been made aware of this requirement for your own medical and professional safety. If they have not, send us your employers contact info: [email protected] (with their permission).

The Virus could enter through the Eyes

There has been new speculation by experts that touching your eyes could allow the virus to enter your body if you have come into contact with an infected person. This could require prolonged exposure but it does seem to be possible. There is a case of a medical professor having contracted the Coronavirus on a trip to Beijing who rubbed his eyes and got a rash after spending a time with infected patients. 

Extract from thesun.co.uk online

Our original info (below) gives clear guidelines on how to protect yourself from contracting the virus when out in public. Basically, do not cough and sneeze where there are people around, avoid spitting and do not touch your face area without washing your hands thoroughly. Experts are also advising to keep your throat constantly moist by drinking warm water as frequently as every ten minutes. This makes it more difficult for the virus to pass further into your body. Have a bottle of water handy. 

See our full advice further below

Arrests over Online Rumours

There have been varying reports of people being detained by police for spreading both fake news and misleading info about the virus. All suspects had shared stories on Wechat. A handy article by M4Plus (see original, full article via Read More at the end of this article) summarises some of the main misleading or down right fake info surrounding the virus. Untrue or misinterpreted statements include:

<> The virus can be killed by drinking alcohol

<> Singapore is denying entry to Chinese nationals

<> There is a traditional medicine (TCM) remedy

<> Wuhan is running out of fuel

<> You must wear goggles if you go outside

<> Antibiotics can prevent the virus

<> Children are less likely to be infected by the virus

*Rumours are illegal and punishable. Please pay attention to official information and media channels only. Know the difference between a meme and misleading 

information when commenting on Wechat and all other online media channels.

New Work Start Date: 2/03

The General Office of the State Council has decreed that the new start of work date has been readjusted to Monday 2/03 (9th day of the lunar cycle). Schools and kindergartens will postpone their start dates (new date to be announced) . There may be the right of salary remuneration where employees have been unable to take leave in accordance with the Labour Law of the PRC. Additionally, many schools and universities have urged their students not to come back early (pic below).

(sources: & EnjoyChangsha)

New Changsha Hotline for Comments

A new comments/complaints hotline has been established for Changsha in which you are welcome to feedback any concerns, instances of malpractice or procedures not being followed in relation to the city's efforts to combat the virus: 0731-88666312. The full list is shown below: 

Below is older stuff

On Jan 22nd the Changsha City Government, along with partner disease control units and municipal bodies, decided to implement joint prevention and control at all 

railway stations, high-speed railway stations, bus stations, airports and other places to focus on prevention and control. Please cooperate accordingly and allow for extra check in time if travelling onwards. You may need up to four hours extra time for trips. Travel to Wuhan may not be possible. 

Below is a screenshot of the Hubei Gov website:

Travel to other Hunan locations is, for now, unaffected but be aware that the virus (see details below) may spread rapidly due to the people movement during Spring Festival. Below is info on how the virus spreads and what precautions you can take which WNIC has taken from various sources to bring you the latest Changsha and 

Hunan official info. The latest info (checked as of 16:39 on 1/23) reveals Hunan now has 9 confirmed cases. See below for hotlines and clinics in Changsha.

Below is a list of medical institutions offering fever clinics in Changsha...

The following info has been published by changshafabu






















(Hunan Children's Hospital)
































Note: The above fever clinics are available 24 hours a day.

24New coronavirus infection CDC 24-hour consultation hotlines:

Changsha CDC


Furong CDC


Tianxin CDC


Yuelu CDC


Kaifu CDC


Yuhua CDC


County Level CDC


Wangcheng CDC


Liuyang CDC


Ningxiang CDC


Stay tuned for updates

Mask wearing guide



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