<FEATURE> 'Yueyang: A Recognizable Hidden Gem'

The glorious fortress:

A recognizable hidden gem in Yueyang, Hunan

By: Daniel Otero

One of the three great towers to savor in its view south of the Yangtze River was built in the city of Yueyang, Hunan.  Located by its ancient west gate and facing the impressive Dongting Lake.  It was originally constructed as a base, to later become a military lookout and outpost to defend those in the Kingdom of Wu.  Its construction began between 220 to 280 during the C.E. (Common Era).  A fascinating part of Chinas long history, since the building came under the ruling of the Three Kingdoms Period.  The longevity of this tower pans 1,700 years.  Rebuilt numerous times through Chinas history and the two other towers to compete in beauty are: the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan and Prince Tengs Pavilion in Nanchang.

General Lu Su commissioned its construction in the style of the period.  Made famous by the poet Fan Zhongyan who wrote a poem and dedicated one of its verses to this masterpiece, Memorial to Yueyang Pavilion/Tower.

Yueyang Tower evolved into the what is considered today part of the beauty in this landscape.  Focusing not only on the ancientness of the Chinese culture and society as a whole.  But what is circulating within the province of Hunan: between old history, beauty, delicate architecture and delicious-spicy food.

Yueyang Tower measures from its base 20 metres.  Impressively overlooking the Lake and Junshan Island.  Its an opportunity to sit and contemplate the maritime traffic of barges, ships and Junks (Chinese sailing ships) going to and fro down the Dongting.  This experience is one to enjoy when visiting Yueyang and to be fascinated by its replicas at the entrance of this former military base.  Furthermore, its a stylish design which had served for centuries as a naval depot to protect its shores.

Today this area holds to one of the most recognized tourists sites in the whole of China.  It can be considered somewhat of an overpriced tourist trap, but its well worth the experience to gallop fully into Chinas olden times.  What a person gets from viewing it from top to bottom is to express and say in admiration, Beautiful, gorgeous indeed!

The cost of the entrance is 70RMB (prices are subject to change).  Time to enjoy these premises in sometimes quiet solitude or in a full gala of tourists is during the winter time and the visitor should give his/herself 45 minutes minimum to a maximum of 90 minutes around the premises.  Yueyang Tower opens from May to September, between 0700 to 1830 hours; October to April, 0730 to 1800 hours.

What is most enjoyable is the view from its shoreline to its structural peak.  The wall which is an ancient fortification, the path/tunnel under the Tower itself.  There is also The Memorial Temple of Lv Dongbin.  Other than being dedicated to Buddhism, its a place for those who practice Taoism; to find consciousness and to reflect on oneself.

While visiting the Yueyang Tower, take your time and bask in it; like the city of Yueyang -- Hunan is simply priceless.


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