An Australian's eye view of Wuhan's devastation


An Australian man has shared chilling footage from within China's Wuhan - which has become a ghost town since the coronavirus outbreak. 

Daniel Ou Yang, 21, was visiting his grandparents when he became trapped in the city after it was placed into lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. 

He is one of about 600 Australians trapped at epicentre of the outbreak, which has claimed more than 100 lives.

Mr Yang shared a video he took from his apartment in the centre of Wuhan - a city of 11 million people - showing the eerily empty streets.

Many of those who are trapped in the city have shared how they are living in fear, believing they will either die of starvation or the virus.

Pasnicha Krutdamrongchai, a student at Wuhan University, has begged the Thai government to evacuate its citizens from the city.

'Right now most students over here don't have enough food because we didn't stockpile food in advance due to the sudden shutdown,' she posted to social media.

'We can't go outside to buy food anywhere and supermarkets nearby run out of food.' 

Ms Krutdamrongchai said she didn't know if she would die first from the virus or from starvation.

A Thai student trapped in Wuhan said people are running out of food and doesn't know whether she will starve to death or die of coronavirus first

Pasnicha Krutdamrongchai, a student at Wuhan University in China took to social media on Sunday to beg the Thai government to evacuate people

The streets on Wuhan, the epicentre of China's deadly virus, are empty as the city is forced into lockdown

'We've got two main roads on both sides of our apartment which is normally congested in traffic 24/7, and this is the first time we have ever seen it like this. My city has become a ghost town,' he said in the Facebook post

Mr Yang's view from his apartment shows exactly how dire the city appears, with the streets of the once bustling city now bare.

'We've got two main roads on both sides of our apartment which is normally congested in traffic 24/7, and this is the first time we have ever seen it like this. My city has become a ghost town,' Mr Yang said in the Facebook post.

'All the light rails, buses, taxi services, trains everything's stopped,' he said.  

Tim McLean, who is from Ulladulla on the New South Wales South Coast, moved to  Ezhou last year to be with his partner Qiong Xu last year. 

Ezhou is in the east of the Hubei province of China and near the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak and was one of the first cities to be locked down. 

Mr McLean has shared how he wears two masks every time he steps outside as he fears he will contract the virus. 

Mr McLean moved to China last year to be with his partner. He had no idea the hell he was about to step into. 

Since the city was forced into lockdown, Mr McLean says it feels as though they have been abandoned. 

The streets of the normally bustling city, which is home to more than one million people, have been abandoned. 

'Yesterday I was out in the street and I saw hospital staff walking around in full white protective clothing, head gear, totally airtight, walking with what looked like patients,' he said.

'I put two masks on when I go outside, just in case.'

People wearing facemasks to help stop the spread of a deadly virus which began in the city, wait for medical attention at Wuhan Red Cross Hospital in Wuhan on January 25

While he said he has no regrets about moving over, the impending risk of contracting the deadly virus, which has already claimed more than 100 lives, is scary. 

There is also the looming threat that food may come to a grinding halt in a couple days, he said.

Helen Chen, a student at ANU, said she's worried and uncertain but has tried to keep herself busy with university assignments while trapped inside her Wuhan family home for one-week. 

'The last time I went out was probably a week ago, I wore a mask, and most people were wearing masks,' she told Reuters.

Tim McLean, who is from Ulladulla on the New South Wales South Coast, moved to Ezhou last year to be with his partner Qiong Xu

'And when my parents went out this morning to do groceries they wore masks as well, I made sure they brought hand sanitisers and they wore gloves, just to be extra careful.' 

Mother-of-two Jenny Zhu is also stuck in Wuhan and has begged the Australian government to bring her children home. 

Ms Zhu and her Australian-born sons, Thomas, 9, and Andrew, 5, haven't been outdoors in seven days due to the outbreak.

'Last time they went out of the house was on the 20th. They only get some fresh air on the balcony every day,' she said.

She said the family just want to return home to Sydney and hopes the Australian government is considering the wellbeing of all the children involved.

'My youngest boy has asked every day when he can go to kindy because he's really looking forward to school,' Ms Zhu said.

Wuhan is now in lockdown with travel both in and out of the city and surrounding areas cancelled. 

Japan rescued its citizens on Tuesday, while South Korea will charter a plane into Wuhan on Thursday.

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a plan on Wednesday to evacuate Australians trapped at the epicentre of China's deadly virus and quarantine them on the remote island for 14 days. 

Mr Yang said he was desperate to get home to Sydney to see his girlfriend and get back to his real estate business but was not sure about the living conditions on Christmas Island if he's evacuated there.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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