Chinese man got wilfully arrested to avoid marrying girlfriend


In a bizarre turn of event, a Chinese man who was arrested for petty theft has confessed to the stealing saying he did it to escape his girlfriend. The man, only referred to as Mr. Chen, was detained after stealing a Bluetooth speaker worth 2,000 RMB from a dance studio on Huashan Road in Shanghai. The actual crime was committed on 8th January, following which an arrest was made on the same day. It was the reasoning from the man that made got the investigators amusedand us, TBH.

In the interrogation room, the man spat out this iron-clad logic for his crime, Because my girlfriend wants to marry me, but I dont want to marry her. I knew I would be caught. I actually wanted to walk away, but I was angry. My girlfriend wants to get married, but I dont want to. I knew you would find me, though I didnt think it would be so fast.


Heres the thing. We have all felt a little bit trapped in our relationships a few times in our lives, but not one time did it occur to us to get arrested to avoid having the talk. Mr. Chen made sure to steal an item of such low value so as to not emotionally burden the owner. He was hoping for the incident to be a catalyst for his fiance who would break off the marriage because nobody wants to marry a thief. This will also save him from hurting her feelings and the familys because yeah, being a criminal is so much better than being a runaway bridegroom.

According to recent reports, the man is expected to stay in custody for a minor offense and will not be detained for long. We can guess who might come to pick him up, although, it doesnt look too good for him!

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