Chinese woman hides coronavirus to enter France and brags online


A Chinese woman who knew she was infected with the deadly coronavirus has disguised her symptoms by deliberately taking antipyretics and successfully boarded a plane to France, she then bragged about her actions online in photographs with friends she met on arrival, according to Chinese media sources.

Users of Chinese social media site Weibo were shocked and angry at the reckless and potentially deadly actions of the woman. One said: This kind of person is the most shameless. Another posted: She is now a time bomb.

As the deathtoll hits 17, the infected woman posted about her escape from Wuhan and how she was enjoying food in a French city.

She posted: Finally, I can have a good meal, it feels like I have been starving for two days. In a city of global delicacies, of course we have to eat food with Michelin Stars. This was also more successful, with no bugs. Just before I left, I has a low fever and was coughing quite heavily, I ate lots of medicine, which lowered my fever. Finally, my fever went down, and I was able to exit.

The medicine she has taken is likely to have been an antipyretic, which lowers the body's temperature when fever hits.

The infected woman explained in a post that unfortunately if her infection was diagnosed, she would become a super-infected person.

This news comes as many more cases of those infected with the virus have been revealed, including Wang Guangfa, a member of the expert group of the Chinese National Health and Medical Commission who had visited Wuhan earlier and stated that the epidemic was controllable and preventable, but he has been diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia last night.

The new strain of coronavirus, which emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan last month, has killed at least 17 people, sickened more than 590 and caused the city of 11 million to be in lockdown. 

Source: Express.co.uk

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