Join the group of South Africans in China


Want to connect with the expat community of South Africans in China? Looking for South African compatriots to help you with your questions on expat life? Or are you looking for other South African expats to go on an excursion?

Now, Panda Guides has two country groups just for South Africans in China. The purpose of the groups is for South Africans living in China to network, post job listings, etc. 

To get into the group, please add WeChat: 13914410670 or long press the following QR code with request of "SA".

Please be noted that ONLY those from South Africa are qualified to be invited to this special country group. People who are not South Africans please do not send the adding request. We might request passport for verification of your qualification to join this group. Also, you are entiled to joining only one of the groups.


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