Empty Changsha on 2020.0202.20:20!

Source: - h84802110(see original article via Read More)Mango TV went out to photograph Changsha as you've never seen her before. Eerie and desolate, as people stay at home to help contain the coronavirus spread, once bustling junctions, malls, food streets and main avenues stand almost empty. 
Changsha's resolve is absolute, the city's people are solid and steadfast, together we will emerge unscathed and stronger than ever before. 
Let's work together to overcome this challenge for a brighter future and a happier life for everyone around the world in Hunan and Changsha.
2020.22 20:20

photo [email protected] -La Nova Mall area

ZhongShan Monument

Quiet backstreets

Wuyi Square North

HuangXing Road near IFS

One of Changsha's busiest shopping streets

SiMenKou - The Heart of Changsha

No nightlife? JiefangXilu, deserted.

Below is a stark contrast

TaipingJie - normal v nowHow life should be now...

Typical post-Spring Festival metro

All around the city, efforts are being made to contain and stop the spread of the virus. We will succeed, sooner than you think.


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