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  • Schools via online teaching, offices and many city shops have opened their businesses but bars and places of entertainment remain closed until further notice

  • There are increased health checks at travel hubs such as main train stations and Changsha airport. Many bus routes have returned to normal

  • The Hong Kong border has imposed a 14-day quarantine so we advise avoiding all travel to HK, including for visa runs. Try a different country, such as Thailand (which we hear is quite nice at ths time of year)

  • Intercity bus services are operating but at a reduced frequency (not to Hubei), metro is running as usual (reduced time frequency) and province borders will have roadside temperature checks in place. Airport is open as usual

  • The north of Hunan has been put into lockdown (its not known all the towns affected at this time). Changsha remains unaffected and no plans yet for any lockdown.

    • Official Government Announcement & List of all Changsha hospitals        

  • Some people have reported slight price rises for home delivery fresh food

  • A city hotline for anyone distressed or upset about all the recent virus news and happenings can call a new hotline on 12345 

  • Major supermarkets remain open generally but some close without warning and occasionally run low on items like bread (others seem fully stocked every day)

  • The doctor who reported the virus in December has passed away in central Wuhan according to State media sources

  • Some cities have banned group dining for events such as birthdays. Plus, cities including Hangzhou and Nanchang are limiting how many family members can leave home each day. This might also be imposed on some Changsha neighbourhoods if a localised quarantine is enforced due to infected person(s) identified

  •  Hubei province has switched off lifts in high-rise buildings to discourage residents from going outside

    • Check out photos of what an empty Changsha looks like here!

  • Neighbourhoods where infected person(s) have been found may be put into lockdown - be prepared that this could happen to yours at any time

  • Masks are needed on all public transport, supermarkets and other indoor areas

  • Large gatherings may not be allowed, including restaurant meals and birthdays

  • There will be no Lantern Day festival firework display on the Xiangjiang river (originally due on 2/08 this lunar year)

  • All bars and clubs remain shut until further notice

  • Masks are available in limited numbers at certain times of the day from pharmacy chain stores across the city

  • Let WNIC and your local clinic know if you show any symptoms of the virus

  • WNIC's own helpline is below for anyone needing assistance:

  • Worried about your employment rights during this time of 'extended holiday'? Check out our recent Employment Rights article HERE!

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