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  • The general situation in Changsha and Hunan remains unchanged. Many neighbourhoods require tickets to leave/entre with sign in sheets and temperature checks. These are mainly precautionary and there is no reason to be alarmed.

  • The local authorities recently announced a raft of recommendations and advice to help stabilise local businesses and enterprises. A rundown of the full list of measures can be found here (or at the end of this article by hitting Read More).

  • http://www.enghunan.gov.cn/hneng/News/Localnews/202002/t20200222_11188184.html

  •  Below is a new statement issued by the local authority:

CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Hunan Provincial People's Government,

Since the COVID-19 pneumonia broke out in Huanggang, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Hunan Provincial People's Government have paid close attention to our epidemic prevention and control.


Outstanding medical staff and medical and living materials have been sent to Huanggang, which have greatly eased the shortages of epidemic prevention and control personnel and materials, and consolidated Huanggang people's confidence to battle the epidemic. 


On behalf of 7.5 million Huanggang people, we express high respect and sincere gratitude to the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, the Hunan Provincial People's Government, and Hunan people. 

Epidemic prevention and control work has entered a critical stage. We should firmly implement President Xi Jinping's remarks and instructions, and carry out decisions and the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. 

Under the firm leadership of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and the Hubei Provincial People's Government, and the guidance and assistance of Hunan's epidemic prevention and control frontline headquarters for pair-up assistance to Huanggang, we will follow Huanggang's revolutionary spirit of "unite as one; follow closely the Party; be austere, honest, brave, and persistent; and, keep fighting until victory", to launch a general offensive to the epidemic, so as to live up to the expectations of the Party and the people. 

We believe that, with President Xi Jinping's command and deployment, the firm leadership of the Party, the remarkable superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and the selfless help of Hunan people, we will defend Huanggang, and win the battle against the epidemic. 

Sincerely wish Hunan people be healthy and happy!

CPC Huanggang Municipal Committee

Huanggang Municipal People's Government

February 19, 2020

Source: EnjoyChangsha

  • According to Hunan-Daily, some Changsha districts and Hunan prefectures downgraded their status:

"According to the latest news from the Hunan Health and Health Commission, the  province s new type of COVID-19 grading assessment standard has changed. The 11 counties of Shuangfeng County, Suxian District, Tianxin District, and Wugang City were reduced from medium-risk Class B areas to medium-risk Class C areas. The four counties of Hengnan County, Pingjiang County, Yizhang County, and Zixing City were reduced from medium-risk C-type areas to low-risk areas."

  • The Visa Application Centres in Changsha, for those who want to apply to travel abroad (whether Chinese nationals or not) remain closed (as far as we know). Although the centres appear to be gradually and cautiously opening throughout the country.

  • Intercity bus services are operating but at a reduced frequency (not to Hubei), metro is running as usual (reduced time frequency) and province borders will have roadside temperature checks in place. Airport is open as usual.

  • The north of Hunan has been put into lockdown (its not known all the towns affected at this time). Changsha remains unaffected and no plans yet for any lockdown.

    • CLICK: Official Government Announcement & List of all Changsha hospitals        

  • Some people have reported slight price rises for home delivery fresh food. Many deliveries are now sent to compound main gates and collection is necessary.

  • A city hotline for anyone distressed or upset about all the recent virus news and happenings can call a new hotline on 12345 

  • Major supermarkets remain open generally but some close without warning and occasionally run low on items like bread (others seem fully stocked every day)

    • Check out photos of what an empty Changsha looks like here!

  • Neighbourhoods where infected person(s) have been found may be put into lockdown - be prepared that this could happen to yours at any time

  • Masks are needed on all public transport, supermarkets and other indoor areas

  • Large gatherings may not be allowed, including restaurant meals and birthdays

  • State run schools remain closed until 2nd March. This includes private enterprises. If you have trouble or difficulty with your employer regarding your rights and salary matters, check the WNIC article recently published HERE. In it, you can find plenty of info and advice on how to approach an employer that you may feel is not conforming to contractual or legal obligations. In addition to this, WNIC can now share with you the 'labour union exchange' contact details:

    Address: 175 : 410100
    Phone: +86 731 8401 1459

    Web: http://rsj.changsha.gov.cn

  • All bars and clubs remain shut until further notice

  • Let WNIC and your local clinic know if you show any symptoms of the virus

  • WNIC's own helpline is below for anyone needing assistance:

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