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During the 24 hours of February 24, three were no new confirmed cases of COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, reported in Hunan. There is one victim was in critical condition, no more patient died of the disease, and 30 more patients were discharged from hospitals.One new victim was in critical condition in Changde.Among the newly-recovered cases, 9 are in Changsha, 1 in Hengyang, 2 in Zhuzhou, 1 in Xiangtan, 7 in Yueyang, 1 in Changde, 3 in Yiyang, 4 in Yongzhou, 1 in Huaihua and 1 in Loudi.As of 24:00 on February 23, a total of 1,016 cumulativeconfirmed cases had been reported in Hunan, including 146 cumulative in critical condition. Four people had died, and 751 patients had been discharged from hospitals. There are now 22 in critical condition and 261 treated in hospitals.Among the confirmed cases, 242 are in Changsha, 48 in Hengyang, 80 in Zhuzhou, 36 in Xiangtan, 102 in Shaoyang, 156 in Yueyang, 82 in Changde, 5 in Zhangjiajie, 59 in Yiyang, 39 in Chenzhou, 43 in Yongzhou, 40 in Huaihua, 76 in Loudi, and 8 in Xiangxi.Among the patients who remain in critical condition, 9 are in Changsha, 4 in Zhuzhou, 3 in Shaoyang, 2 in Changde, 1 in Yiyang, and 3 in Loudi.Among the dead, there are two in Changsha, and one in Shaoyang and Yueyang each.Among the patients who were discharged from hospitals, 152 are in Changsha, 38 in Hengyang, 52 in Zhuzhou, 26 in Xiangtan, 88 in Shaoyang, 98 in Yueyang, 62 in Changde, 5 in Zhangjiajie, 55 in Yiyang, 31 in Chenzhou, 41 in Yongzhou, 39 in Huaihua, 56 in Loudi, and 8 in Xiangxi.A total of 26,801 close contacts have been traced, among whom 1,196 are under medical observation while 25,605 others have been discharged.







BEIJING, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese health authority said Tuesday it received reports of 508 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection and 71 deaths on Monday from 31 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Among the deaths, 68 were in Hubei Province, two in Shandong Province and one in Guangdong Province, according to the National Health Commission.






According to the relevant notice, the provincial COVID-19 joint prevention and control mechanism adjusted the disease risk ranking table for each county and city based on the epidemic situation in the past week.

In accordance with the epidemic risk level standards, Hunan Province will divide counties and urban areas into low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk areas to implement three levels of five types of prevention and control. Among them, the medium-risk areas are divided into three categories: A, B, and C from heavy to light.


Risk level of COVID-19 in various counties and cities of Hunan

Category list

(As of 24:00 on February 23, 2020)

A7Medium risk A (7)
B4Medium risk B (4)
C33Medium risk C (33)
78Low risk (78)




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