Under the influence of COVID-19, the supply of masks in many areas of China is in short supply. In order to alleviate people's difficulty in purchasing masks, the People's Daily website launched the National Mask Reservation Information Sharing Platform, which regularly collects mask reservation and purchase information nationwide to provide the public with timely and reliable services and information.
At present, there are information in Changsha, Hengyang, Loudi, Zhangjiajie, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, Shaoyang, Yongzhou and Xiangtan areas in Hunan.
Other cities and prefectures are being updated ...


The public can select the region in the "Local Enquiry" to inquire about the local mask booking route, operating procedures and the latest sales information of offline stores.The "Latest News" will update the latest mask sales information from merchants and drug stores across the country in real time, as well as popular science knowledge such as the correct wearing method of masks and other useful skills.At present, the national mask reservation information sharing platform has launched mask sales information in 126 cities, including 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and will continue to update. Netizens can fill in the mask sales information at any time through the "I want to add" section. After verification by the platform, they can share it with netizens across the country in real time.

Under what conditions can masks be reused?


When do masks need to be replaced?

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