19 more imported coronavirus cases reported in Shanghai

People infected with the coronavirus continue to flow into Shanghai with the city reporting 19 new cases on Tuesday.
Among those 19 new cases, 11 are Chinese students who were studying abroad. Seven of them returned from the United Kingdom, three from the United States, and one from Italy.
One is a native of Hubei province returning from visiting his family in the US.
And the remaining seven are all foreign nationals:
  • Two Americans coming from the US via Taipei
  • One American coming from Switzerland via Malaysia.
  • One Italian coming from Thailand via Macau
  • One Canadian coming from Canada
  • One British person coming from the UK via Bangkok
  • One Spanish national arriving from Spain via Russia

Shanghai accounted for a sizable portion of the 47 new imported cases reported across all of mainland China on Tuesday.
The days tally brings the overall number of imported Covid-19 cases reported in Shanghai up to 94.
To stop these infections from spreading, Shanghai has ordered that all travelers coming from countries hard hit by the coronavirus must be quarantined for two weeks upon arrival.


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