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Guangzhou administration group of China railway announced that from March 27th until further notice, there are five intercity lines in Guangzhou railway ticket fares will have discounts.

There will be 8 high speed trains in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan intercity railway with a discount of about 25% on the current fare on the 12306 website.


In these 8 lines, the 6 lines are between Changsha and Xiangtan, 1 is in Changsha urban area, and 1 is between Changsha and Zhuzhou. The specific train numbers are as follows:C6931 (Changsha to Xiangtan), C7842 (Changsha west to Xiangtan), C7892 (Changsha west to Changsha), C6982 C6990Xiangtan to Changsha) C7880 / C7877C7832 / C7829 Xiangtan to Changsha west), C7256 / C7253Dafeng to Changsha west).


According to the information released on 12306 website, from March 27th, the 8 trains will all get a 25% discount on the current fare. For example, the C6931 from Changsha to Xiangtan, the current fare is 20 yuan, adjusted to 15 yuan; the C7842 from Changsha west to Xiangtan, the current fare is 29 yuan, adjusted to 22 yuan; the C7256 / C7253, from Dafeng to Changsha west the current fare is 27 yuan, adjusted to 20 yuan.


According to the introduction of Guangzhou Bureau Group, since the \n

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