4 passengers with fevers arrive in Shanghai from Germany

In an example of the challenges currently faced by workers at Shanghais Pudong airport, a plane arrived from Frankfurt on Friday carrying a number of individuals who may be infected with the coronavirus.
Out of the 286 passengers on board the plane, four were found to have a fever and two others admitted to taking cold medicine.
They, along with their companions, were sent straight to a hospital for more medical testing and observation.
Meanwhile, the remaining passengers all must stay quarantined for the next 14 days, either at their home or in designated hotels. 13 cabin crew members have also been made to go into isolation.

The planes landing came just after Shanghai officials named Germany as one of the nations hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, mandating quarantine for all those who have traveled from the country.

With very few local coronavirus cases in recent weeks, Shanghai is now on the lookout for infections from abroad.
Officials confirmed two new imported cases of the virus on Friday morning.
One was a Zhejiang native who flew into the Pudong airport on Wednesday from Bologna via Moscow. He showed symptoms upon arrival and was immediately transferred over to a hospital.
The other was a man from Guangdong province who flew in on Tuesday from New York via Hong Kong. He passed medical screenings and was only taken to the hospital when he started showing symptoms on Wednesday.


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