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By March 9, 68 A-level scenic spots reopened in Hunan,accounting for 14.1% of the province's A-level scenic spots.


68 scenic spots were opened

 in an orderly manner


On March 8, Changsha Xinhualian Tongguan kiln ancient town, visitors lined up orderly into the park. 


Visitors scan their face before entering Shiyanhu scenic spot in Changsha on March 8.


In Zhangjiajie, Wulingyuan scenic area, Baofenghu scenic area, Tianmen mountain scenic area and the grand canyon has started tickets booking policy and controlled the number of visitors.


According to the statistics of provincial department of culture and tourism, as of March 9, 68 A-level scenic spots have been reopened, accounting for 14.1% of the 482 A-level scenic spots in the province.

Tourists will return slowly


On March 8, after visiting Chuanyan mountain scenic spot inXupu County, Xu said that the epidemic prevention measures in the scenic spot are reassuring, and he consciously wears masks and does not walk in the crowd.


The core scenic spot in Wulingyuan and Hengshan scenic spot reopened on February 27, receiving 454 and 526 tourists respectively. The former received 11,800 tourists per day in 2019, and 200 tourists per day on March 8.


Pingjiang county glass bridge scenic area Shiniuzhai has opened for a few days, the average daily reception is less than 50 people. The person in charge of the scenic spot introduced, at present, the tourists mostly for the surrounding self-driving tour. At present, there are not so many tourists.


Changsha new Hualian Tongguan kiln ancient town launched the "Free tour to tongguan on women's day" activity on March 8, the day received more than 3,000 tourists, ushered in a small climax since the park opened.

Officials at the scenic spot said that the traffic generated by the free tickets does not mean that tourists can return quickly at this stage. At present, it is still in the period of epidemic prevention and control. Although the scenic spot has resumed work, it cannot completely resume production. 


On March 1, 2008, 507 tourists bought tickets in Xining Langshan scenic spot, and 84 tourists bought tickets on March 8. According to the person in charge of the scenic spot, the source of tourists is mainly local and provincial tourists. "the data is within the expectation, and the slow return of tourists is expected to last for a period of time."




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