Adam Peaty blasts Sun Yang after he got an 8-year ban


Adam Peaty hit out at 'fool' Sun Yang for 'disrespecting' swimming after China's three-time Olympic champion was banned for eight years for missing a doping test.

In September 2018, Sun was accused of smashing vials containing his blood with a hammer after arguing with drug testers.

He was cleared of wrongdoing by swimming federation FINA in January 2019. The World Anti-Doping Agency appealed against that decision - and the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled in their favour on Friday.

Sun was banned for eight years as this was his second offence. He served a three-month suspension in 2014 for taking prohibited stimulant trimetazidine. Sun, 28, has vowed to appeal to the Swiss Federal Tribunal against what is, in effect, a career-ending ban, saying: 'This is unfair. I firmly believe in my innocence. I will definitely appeal to let more people know the truth.'

British Olympic 100m breaststroke champion Peaty said: 'I'm pleased with the verdict. I trust in CAS and WADA to uphold the values in the sport and I believe a ban was the right decision. For anyone that's been banned once, potentially it's a mistake. If you're looking at it twice, you're a fool. I believe that you're disrespecting the sport, disrespecting yourself and disrespecting your country.'

Sun returned from his first ban to win 200m freestyle gold at Rio 2016, having triumphed in the 400m and 1500m freestyle at London 2012.

At last year's World Aquatics Championships, British swimmer Duncan Scott refused to share a podium with Sun after claiming 200m bronze, while Australia's Mack Horton did the same after winning silver in the 400m - Sun won both.

Following the ruling, Scott said: 'I fully respect and support the decision that has been made. I believe in a level playing field for all athletes.'

Questions are now being asked of FINA for originally letting Sun off.

British swimming legend Sharron Davies tweeted: 'Are FINA fit to govern swimming after this cover-up? Swimmers lost medals at last year's world champs that should be reissued and apologies given to Scott & Horton.'

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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