All inbound travelers will now be quarantined upon arrival in SH

In a move that surprisingly didnt come earlier, all inbound passengers arriving in Shanghai will now have to undergo a 14-day quarantine for medical observation.
Previously, the Shanghai government had only enforced quarantine upon those who had recently traveled through countries hard-hit by the coronavirus.
That list of countries ended up growing every few days, from four to eight to 16 to 24.
Meanwhile, travelers with the Covid-19 virus continued to land in Shanghai. 18 imported cases were reported on Wednesday after 19 were reported the previous day.

The surge in cases has sparked worries in China about a potential second wave of the coronavirus hitting the country.

To ensure that all imported cases are contained, Shanghai has finally decided to go with a blanket quarantine on all travelers, no matter where they are coming from, mirroring what Beijing did weeks ago.


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