Almost 2,000 prosecuted in China for Covid-19 related offenses

China has prosecuted nearly 2,000 people with crimes related to the coronavirus outbreak.
According to the Supremes Peoples Procuratorate, the current number of Covid-19 related prosecutions stands at 1,919 individuals in 1,561 cases. Broken down, these cases involve:
  • 506 for obstructing official business (like attacking the police officer who is trying to get you to put on a mask)
  • 265 for damaging wildlife, including hunting wild animals and selling their products
  • 132 for manufacturing or selling fake or inferior products
  • 11 for engaging in illegal business operations like price gouging

Other offenses include things like fraud and intentionally providing false information about ones health condition.
In one example from earlier this month in Shanghai, a man was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for attempting to scan a woman who wanted to donate face masks to help in the crisis.
Pretending to be a rich overseas returnee, the man claimed that he could have a large number of masks shipped over to China from the United States for 1.6 million yuan ($229,000).
Luckily, the woman didnt pay all up front and called the police when she became suspicious.


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