All inbound passengers are required to complete an entry cardChangsha Airport's Prevention and Control Measures Upgrade: People with residence history in Hubei, Japan, South Korea, and other 8 countries must be led to the transfer point


"Before the flight arrives, we must collect and sort out the basic information of each passenger as much as possible. If we find a passenger with a history of living in Hubei within 14 days, or a returning passenger from abroad, we will divert these passengers to disease control. The transfer point set by the department performs registration, rehearsal, etc. "

On March 13, the reporter came to Changsha Huanghua International Airport and saw at the arrival floor of Terminal T2 of the airport. Most passengers wore masks. Some passengers are registered and inspected in an orderly manner under the guidance of airport staff, special police and disease control personnel.


"Passengers arriving domestically and internationally will diverge from different channels." The relevant person in charge of the airport said.

A blue isolation belt was pulled up at the site of the transfer point, and several workbenches were set up in the middle. Several groups of workers wearing white isolation protective clothing were registered. Special police officers were on duty at the entrance and exit of the isolation belt. All staff members wore masks, goggles and protective gloves.

Xu Bin, Director of the International Service Room of the Passenger Transport Department of Changsha Huanghua International Airport, introduced that before the flight landed, the airport would obtain basic information of passengers through various means such as Airline Communications or airlines. 
Identity, contact details and 14-day travel history. "It is also possible to collect and register the situation of the passengers on the plane through the crew." Xu Bin said that after the foreign passengers arrived at the Changsha Airport, the staff would require all passengers to check in after checking their residence history ,performing infrared temperature measurement and completing the entry card. 

At present, flght from Changsha to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regional routes are susp\n

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