Beijing airport slammed by returning Chinese nationals

While Beijing had been receiving praise for how its been managing international arrivals and quarantine, even the best laid plans can sometimes prove futile against the force of numbers.
Last week, Beijing decreed that all inbound travelers from other countries would be forced to go into quarantine for two weeks upon arrival, either at home or in a designated hotel, in order to address the threat of imported coronavirus cases renewing the Covid-19 outbreak in China.
For that purpose, an exhibition center next to the Beijing Capital Airport was converted into a massive reception area where travelers could be processed outside the confines of the cramped airport.

The system attracted attention on international social media:

Where it was compared favorably to the conditions at some airports in the United States, which were slammed with travelers on Friday and Saturday following a bungled presidential announcement about all travel from Europe being suspended.

However, Beijings airport started to look a lot like OHare over the weekend as overseas Chinese nationals rushed back home to China, believing that it has now become the safest place to ride out the pandemic.


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