Beijing-bound flights will now first land at other airports

While Shanghai continues to step up its coronavirus screening measures at the airport, Beijing has gone a step or two farther.
All international travelers flying to Beijing will now land first at another airport for customs and coronavirus screening procedures before being allowed to reboard their plane and continue on to the Chinese capital.
Airports in 12 other Chinese cities have been designated to help in this effort, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, and Shenyang.

Beijing has ordered that all international travelers go into quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival. In almost all cases, that quarantine will now be carried out at centralized venues rather than at home after one Australian woman decided to go out for a jog.

With domestic transmissions of the Covid-19 virus dropping all the way down to zero, Chinese authorities have shifted their focus to containing infections coming in from abroad as overseas nationals rush hour to flee outbreaks elsewhere.
Last week, the Beijing airport was absolutely swarmed with travelers.

Over the weekend, Beijing reported 13 new imported coronavirus cases on Saturday and 15 on Sunday, helping to bring Chinas overall total for the pandemic up to 353 imported cases.


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