British teens attack Chinese students wearing masks

A group of Chinese students wearing face masks were attacked on the street last week by teenagers in the United Kingdom.
The attack occurred on the evening of March 17 outside of student dormitories at Southampton University.
Videos posted to Facebook show a large group of teens surrounding the Chinese students, hurling abuse, spit, and even a piece of wood at them.
Throughout the clips, the teenagers can be heard shouting things like Chinese pricks, Chinese virus, and, of course, go back to your fucking country!

After police arriving on the scene, the individual who uploaded the video to Facebook writes that a parent of one of the teens came and talked to the officers about getting her daughter out of the situation.

She is my daughter. We live right here. She is 14, the mom is quoted as saying without offering any apology or empathy to the victims of the attack.
According to the local Daily Echo, police said that the attack was reported to be racially aggravated and linked to the coronavirus outbreak. Four Chinese students were hurt, though none seriously so.
The Chinese embassy has now become involved, putting up a statement on Tuesday saying that it had asked officials and police in Southhampton to protect the safety of Chinese students and punish the perpetrators.


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