Chinese man flees after Kenyans' pressure over coronavirus


A Chinese contractor entrusted with a multi-million project abandoned a site in Tana River County after suffering pressure from a section of Kenyans over coronavirus.

According to a report on Monday, March 2, the team left the site for Nairobi after the locals demanded that they be screened for the virus.

Residents of Kalkacha location in Galole Constituency reportedly raised an alarm shortly after the disease broke out leading to the Chinese workers deserting the site three weeks ago.

The Chinese Embassy has previously noted that some Kenyans have grown fearful of the Chinese over the past month since the disease was reported.

In Kenya, however, no cases have been tested positive so far.

A number of locals who made their livelihoods through the stalled site that was managed by the Chinese workers are, however, asking the state to recall them.

They claimed that their lives had become difficult since the halt after they stopped working.

"We have been getting our salaries in good time to attend to our families but now we have been gripped by hunger because the government has forced them out," he added.

Recently, Kenyan government officials have been under sharp criticism after the news of a Chinese plane landing at JKIA on February 26 with 239 occupants asked to quarantine themselves became public.

There was widespread anger that saw the Law Society of Kenya go to court to seek the barring of Chinese planes flying into the country.

High Court Judge Justice James Makau acquiesced to the demands and ordered the immediate suspension of all flights coming from China and the quarantine of all passengers aboard the Souther Flight No.6044.

Source: https://www.kenyans.co.ke

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