Chinese student returning from Germany jumps out of bus window

After arriving back home from studying abroad, a Chinese student decided that she didnt like the idea of going into quarantine and tried to make a run for it.
Video from Sunday shows the female student climbing out the window of a bus with a backpack and running through some trees before being tackled to the ground by some workers in hazmat suits.
The woman had been put on the bus after she arrived at the airport in Qingdao from Germany with a fever. The bus was going to take her and other returnees to a quarantine facility. However, she was eager to go home.
Despite the fever,  the woman has tested negative for coronavirus. She will be kept in isolation for two weeks.

With reported domestic transmissions dropping to zero, China has shifted its focus this month toward containing imported cases of the Covid-19 virus.
While the Chinese government has banned all foreigners from entering the country, 90 percent of Chinas imported cases involve Chinese passport holders and 40 percent are overseas Chinese students.
To address this issue without outright banning its citizens from returning, Beijing has limited foreign airlines to operating just a single flight a week to China.


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