Danish diplomats kids break quarantine to take dogs for a walk

The critical eye of the Chinese internet has turned once again to foreigners breaking quarantine in Beijing.

On March 25, neighbors in a residential community in Chinas capital spotted the family of a Danish diplomat taking their dogs out for a walk while not wearing masks.

According to the local neighborhood committee, the diplomats three children had returned to China on March 14 and were supposed to remain in isolation for the customary 14 days.

The nationalistic Global Times tabloid has picked up on the story, writing on how outraged Chinese netizens were by the incident.

Many criticized their disdain of Chinese laws and while everyone else is following epidemic prevention rules, diplomats should not be excepted, wrote the newspaper.

Indeed, Weibo users seem quite agitated by the incident with some arguing that diplomatic immunity should be dropped and the family should be kicked out of China.

If they cannot follow community rules, then they shouldnt be in the community, wrote one netizen.

Fears of imported Covid-19 cases sparking a second wave of the disease in China has led to an outbreak of anti-foreigner sentiment in China.

Some of the hottest stories of the month in China involve foreign nationals disregarding coronavirus control rules, including an Australian woman who is destined to be deported after breaking her quarantine to go out for a jog.

On Thursday, China announced that it was banning all foreigners from entering the country in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus  despite the fact that 90 percent of Chinas imported cases involve Chinese passport holders.


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