Death toll of quarantine hotel collapse rises to 29

The last victims body has been pulled out of the rubble of a seven-story hotel that collapsed in the Fujian city of Quanzhou on Saturday evening.
At the time, the Xinjia hotel was being used to house people who had tested negative for the coronavirus but had recently been in contact with someone confirmed to be infected.
Search and rescue efforts went on for more than 111 hours. In the end, 42 people were rescued from the site while 29 were found dead. One man was pulled alive from the wreckage after 69 hours.

An entire 5-member family (a mother, father, and three young children) was completely wiped out in the collapse.
Rescuers discovered their bodies on Wednesday. The father was trying to shield the mother while the mother was shielding their daughter.

The building was constructed in 2013 before being converted into a 66-room hotel in 2018.
At the time of the collapse, supermarkets on the buildings first floor were undergoing renovation.
Its still unclear if the collapse was caused by the renovation work or by problems with the original structure. However, a preliminary investigation has found serious problems with the buildings construction.


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