Dude spotted driving five girls around on scooter

As parts of the world start to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, six people have been detained in Guangdong province for doing the exact opposite.
On Monday, a man was spotted driving an electric scooter in the city of Dongguan with five female passengers on board.
He pulled off the incredible feat by seating three of the young women behind him and one in front with the remaining woman perched on the front of the scooter looking back at him.

With footage circulating around local social media circles, police opened up an investigation and had all six people in custody by nightfall.
The man, surnamed Luo, told police that he was at a drink shop when the five women told him that they needed a ride and hopped on his scooter.
Luo said that he felt he couldnt say no.
The six remain in custody. Luo faces a litany of offenses including driving without a license, overloading a vehicle, and not wearing a helmet.
He also wasnt wearing a face mask at the time. Some of the girls had masks draped over their ears but not over their mouths and noses.
Thats changed in the police station.


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