Elephants get drunk on corn wine? Fake news, say officials

An image has recently made its way across the interwebs claiming to show a pair of elephants passed out in some tea fields after raiding a Chinese villages booze supply.
According to WeChat posts from earlier this week which eventually made their way to Twitter and Reddit, the elephants had guzzled down 30 kg of corn wine from a village in Yunnan province before dozing off, butt to butt, in the tea garden.

Unfortunately, local officials in Yunnan province have dismissed the pic and incident as fake, explaining that the reality of the situation was not nearly so cute.
A herd of 14 elephants did indeed enter Manmai village on March 11. However, rather than having a harmless, corn wine-fueled bender, the elephants instead caused some property damage to local homes while in search of food.
One villager told reporters that the elephants had knocked over his jar of homemade spirits but it wasnt clear if the animals had actually partaken in the alcohol.

Meanwhile, a forestry official said that the viral photos of drunken elephants frolicking in the tea garden were not of the same herd that raided Manmai village.

Disappointing, we know.
Shanghaiist has yet to be able to confirm the source of the image. While 30 kg of corn wine doesnt seem like enough booze to get a whole herd of elephants trashed, the large mammals have been known to get drunk off fruit in Africa.


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