FINALLY! Scan This For Your Online Health Pass...

WNIC's recent efforts to highlight the difficulties that foreigners have on showing local officials and store staff that they are virus-free or have not recently left China, have yielded some success with the launch of a new 'pass code' which foreigners can use! 

No need for your passport number or full name either as it accesses your phone's data by tracking it's last 14 days of movement. That now means, foreigners with a valid Mainland China phone number can use it. Simply follow our instructions below and show the confirmation code on demand. This system has been made possible by the cooperative efforts of China's three big telecommunications agencies.

Please note: if you and your phone have left your city area within the last 14 days it might not show up as a green code (the 'all clear'). Nevertheless, we finally hope that this system will allow foreign nationals in China to have an easier life as well as help anyone (both Chinese and non-Chinese) to show that they have not left China in the last few weeks. Click the Mini Programme account below to start the process:

Steps to complete your pass

Example 'all clear' confirmation code

These three categories will show on all future occasions. You may have to show this procedure to officials each time when asked.

(tick the box to produce a fresh confirmation code)

Let's hope this helps in our lives while living in China!

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