Getting a tad chubby and lazy during quarantine?

Are yall frustrated yet? Staying indoors for extended periods of time can take a toll on our bikini bodies, skin, and mental health. Not to mention the screen time report (8 hours a day going strong here!) that is enough to tip the mental stability on its own.
However, our biggest support and thoughts go to families with small children we dont know how you do it and we are in awe. If you are running out of activities to get the little ones involved in, try the yoga sequence below, courtesy of Sams Club, that will give your muscles a long-needed stretch and will keep children occupied. For a bit at least.
To make that yoga session count and optimize the benefits, make sure to choose the pre-workout and post-workout snacks wisely, hence, the tips below!

Yes, you should still be shopping online

While we are 100% into fresh fruit and healthy snacks this Spring, it is not a reason to forget lavish shopping trips in the city should still be limited. Not to worry though, since you can easily shop online with Sams Club. Better safe than sick!
Sams Club is a members-only store that hand-picks the highest-quality products that can be delivered to the customers while they are cooped up inside. Get cozy on your sofa and get shopping!

Pre-workout Fuel: Bananas

Dole Bananas (1.4kg), RMB19.8  

Bananas are one of the perfect pre-workout foods that provide the sugar, carbs, and potassium to keep you energized throughout the session. They can ward off the hunger and keep the optimal function of your muscles and nerves.
Imported from the Philippines, Dole Bananas from Sams Club are harvested from 500 meters above sea level, where plenty of sunlight and 3-month-longer than usual growth period gives it a distinct sweet taste and high nutritional value.

Exercise: Parent-kid Yoga

Not every sport requires running and sweating. Try the 6 kid-friendly yoga poses below and the next thing you know, the little ones will be asking you for the next yoga practice. Strike a pose!

Pose 1: Downward-Facing Dog

Pose 2: Child Pose

Pose 3: Side Plank

Pose 4: Face to face Upward-Facing Dog

Pose 5: Half Lord of the Fishes

Pose 6: King Pigeon

If you have manage to finish the 6 poses, great job! Now consider this yoga as your pre-workout warmup, burn more calories with this Move It Beat Smart Dumbbells!
Move It Beat Smart Sport Dumbbell 139

The Move It Beat Dumbbell is programmed to work seamlessly in sync with the Xiaomi TV4 / Xiaomi Box 4. It offers 30+ classes, such as Baby pump, Hip-hop, Kickboxing, and Body circuit. You can also program it to set goals and track your performance on the Move It App.
Now it is time to replenish some of that energy, so choose your snacks wisely.

Post-workout Refuel: Healthy Snacks

Having a healthy diet is not only about 3 main meals but also about snacks we sneak in between them. If you are looking for something to munch on, this Daily Freeze-Dried Fruit & Nuts will be a perfect choice.Jiazhouyuanye Daily Freeze-Dried Fruit & Nuts 30g*16 RMB148

Every small pack contains 4 types of freeze-dried fruit (yellow peaches, apples, mangoes & strawberries), 3 types of nuts (cashews, almonds & pistachios) and freeze-dried wolfberries from Ningxia.

He Run Sugar-Free Yoghurt

He Run Yogurt, 400g*2, RMB24.8

Enjoy the crunchy dried fruits directly or pair it with He Run unsweetened yogurt for a more fulfilling meal.

Hydration: Pure Coconut Water

Members Mark Pure Coconut Water, 1L*3 RMB34.8

Imported directly from Thailand, Members Mark Coconut Water is a delicious way to rehydrate your post-workout body and replenish it with lost fruit sugar and electrolytes.

Healthy fun: Icy Mix-berries Pops

Southern Sun Triple Mix Berries (1.36kg) RMB48 and Coconut Water

As a reward for the family,  make a fun berry-coconut water pop. Pour a glass of coconut water, cup of frozen mixed berries and blend until smooth. Enjoy right away or pour into cups and freeze for 4 hours. Easy-breezy and delicious!
Ready to stay fit and healthy with Sams Club? Download Sams App and browse through a collection of the highest quality products!
Long press and extract the QR code below or search Sams Club China in your App Store.


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