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Changsha Huanghua International Airport will usher in major changes, and the new terminal and runway are about to begin!

It is expected that the construction and expansion of the airport will begin in October this year. Plan to build a new T3 terminal and aviation hub, the total area will exceed T1 + T2 combined!

A T3 terminal building of more than 500,000 square meters will be constructed. The overall shape of the final plan will be the configuration of the five-finger gallery, with the name "Star of Changsha".





The reconstruction and expansion project of Changsha Airport in this phase takes Terminal T3 as the main body of construction. It mainly includes the construction of a new 3,600-meter-long, 45-meter-wide third runway and the corresponding taxiway system. There are 152 stations on the apron (near the aircraft 75); newly built terminal building of 500,000 square meters, integrated transportation center of 285,000 square meters and supporting facilities.

It is understood that the planned T3 terminal is designed for the Wuzhilang Terminal, and the passenger walking distance and air-side operation efficiency are comprehensively optimized.

Among them, the connection between the terminal and the double-level transportation of the Comprehensive Transportation Center is a domestic initiative, and the integrated, seamless transfer aviation integrated hub includes four types of rail transportation and four types of ground transportation. It will be the domestic covered transportation connection. One of the most efficient and efficient airports.


According to Xu Aimin, commander of the construction headquarters of Hunan Airport, by 2030, Changsha Huanghua International Airport will be built into a regional international aviation hub with an annual passenger throughput of 60 million passengers and a cargo and mail throughput of 600,000 tons.


In the future, Changsha Airport will have 4 runways, 431 seats, and 4 terminals, and will be organically connected with subways, high-speed rail, maglev, and intercity express lines to form a "double well and three horizontal" road traffic rapid distribution system .

At present, Changsha Huanghua International Airport has access to 145 airports at home and abroad, with international routes connecting 42 airports in 20 countries and 2 regions. It is the airport with the largest number of routes and the highest flight density in central China to Southeast Asian countries.


With the support of the national strategy of the rise of central China, Changsha has initially formulated a three-year implementation plan for the development of air routes: building a "four-hour aviation economic circle". Changsha is the center, covering 31 provinces (regions, cities) in China, as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and reaching major destinations in East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

It is estimated that by 2021, Huanghua Airport will have access to 160 cities in the "four-hour aviation economic circle", of which 51 are overseas cities. The annual passenger flow of the "four-hour aviation economic circle" will reach 3.3 million.






So far, 15 lines of vehicles have arrived at the section of Line 5 and passed the static and dynamic tests of the vehicle section. A number of vehicles have been put into the main line for commissioning. Changsha Rail Transit Group has adopted a new train commissioning plan. By increasing investment and optimizing resources, it will ensure that the node targets for early July operations remain unchanged.





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