Important Info for Inbound Visitors to Changsha

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On March 12th, Changsha City's CDC team further strengthened the import prevention and control of the overseas outbreak of Covid-19, ensuring the health and safety of the general public and immigration personnel, and strictly preventing the spread of the epidemic.

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From March 13th, international arrivals to Changsha Huanghua International Airport will be asked about their travel and epidemiological history.

Before the flight lands, passenger info will be collected, including  questions on the traveller's movements of the last 14 days. Overseas visitors will automatically be directed to the airport's CDC team for registration, re-arrangement and so on. 

Overseas arrivals diverted to special channels

Between gates 7 and 8 of T2, a special passengers area has been set up for checks. Domestic and international arrivals will be diverted to different channels. All staff will wear masks and goggles and protective gloves.

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Get basic passenger information before your flight lands

The airport will obtain basic information about passengers, including the passenger's name, identity, contact information and 14 days of travel history. It is also possible to collect and register the situation of passengers on board the aircraft through the crew. For foreign passengers to Changsha Airport, the staff may also about the history of travel, infrared temperature measurement, will also require all passengers to register through an app or form.

A scan code will be made available for passengers. Please ensure your phone operates normally in mainland China. 


CDC Procedures
The current Changsha Airport to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regional routes are suspended, so international routes of Osaka, Bangkok, Vientiane, Sihanoukport are subject to check. In addition, Zhangjiajie Lotus International Airport international flights are suspended.

If there are Hubei passengers, or those from countries (in particular, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, the United States and Spain) they will be directed to the diversion point. All crew members will also have to register information.

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We have been made aware that foreigners arriving to Changsha have had to go into 'self-quarantine' in their own homes for up to 14 days. You should make your status known to your local community guards or staff and/or your employer/institution. However, in recent days those arriving via other mainland Chinese cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai and so on), will have to remain at a designated quarantine venue (such as a make-shift hotel) in which the usual quarantine conditions will apply. This will again last up to 14 days. Passengers will have to pay for their daily quarantine so please prepare, at least, several thousand RMB and have a working bank card to hand as well as make sure you have your own toiletries, some change of clothes and masks.


  • There have been a flurry of reports and incidents involving foreigners across China in which they have been denied access into malls, supermarkets, shops and so on. These actions are not ordered by the national Government and WNIC has raised this concerning matter with Changsha City Government.
    If you have experienced any hostility, supposed discrimination or denied access (where Chinese nationals are allowed access) please contact WNIC ([email protected]) as we are now flagging up these cases to our associates at Changsha City Gov. Please be aware that Changsha wants foreign guests to feel welcome and safe.


Schools, places of entertainment (such as KTV, bars, clubs and nightmarkets) remain officially closed in Changsha. Wearing a mask is still mandatory to access public transport and other public venues. Some parks are opening but may require advance bookings. Always wash your hands and follow established procedures. If you are worried or want to know more, check out our previous info:

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For you information, the official 'health code' to scan which confirms your recent movements and travel history can be accessed via the official wechat account: hnjmjkk2016

Stay safe, keep low, wash hands, wear a mask, avoid gatherings, be positive.


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