Little girl nearly torn apart in vicious pit bull attack

A family is feeling the weight of massive bills following a dog attack where an 8-year-old girl was nearly torn apart.
Video from a street in the Henan city of Hebi on February 16 shows a pit bull charge at the young girl, named Yin Yin, and knock her to the ground before biting down on her left leg and dragging her around the road.
As the girl tries to fight off the animal, it starts going after her arms. She is completely overpowered, unable to run away.
The attack lasted more than a minute until a passerby with a stick finally rushed to her rescue and managed to fight the dog off.

Yin Yin was left with serious injuries to her leg and arm, nearly requiring amputation. She had to undergo a total of five separate operations.
The dogs owner initially paid Yin Yins family 37,000 yuan ($5,216) in compensation but has since disappeared.
That amount is rather paltry compared with the medical bills that have piled up. Yin Yins family says that the attack has cost them more than 150,000 yuan ($21,000), money that theyve had to borrow from friends and relatives.
They are now calling for the dogs owner to step back forward and compensate them in full.


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