Man finds artillery shells, brings them to police in plastic bag

Recently, a man walked into a police station in Foshan, Guangdong province, went up to the counter with a plastic bag, and took out two artillery shells.
As the police officer scurried away, the man, surnamed Song, tried to reassure her that he wasnt trying to scare her and that he was a bit scared himself.
Police took the shells from Song and placed them in a large open area where experts could properly dispose of them.

Song said that he is a scrap collector and happened upon the shells while he was scrounging around.
Occasionally, unexploded ordinance is still being dug up in China. Back in 2014, thousands were evacuated from one Hong Kong neighborhood when a 2,000-pound WWII bomb was discovered.
In Shaanxi province, one man was shocked to learn that his trusty nutcracker was actually a hand grenade.


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