Man to be deported after throwing phone at healthcare workers

Another foreigner is being kicked out of China for disobeying epidemic prevention efforts and inciting public outrage.
Viral video from outside a Xian residential community on Sunday shows a man shouting motherfuckers! before picking up a cell phone from the ground and chucking it in the direction of a worker in a hazmat suit.
Reportedly, the man took offense when told to wear a mask by community staff while trying to go back to his apartment.
Its unclear why the directive made the man quite so angry. However, an eyewitness said that he smelled of alcohol.
Police were called and the man was taken back to the station.

The video soon started making waves on Chinese social media with netizens calling for the man to be deported.
Local police have apparently agreed with this assessment, announcing that for disrupting public order, the foreign man would have to leave the country within a certain time period.
In deportation, he joins an Australian woman who became Chinas top villain earlier this month after she was caught breaking quarantine to go out for a jog.
Anti-foreign sentiments are running hot at the moment as China has shifted its focus to containing imported cases of the coronavirus.
Last week, the Chinese government announced that it was banning all foreigners from entering the country in order to stop the spread of the virus despite the fact that 90 percent of Chinas imported cases involve Chinese passport holders.


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