Nationwide ban on eating on subways goes into effect this week

A new era is about to dawn in China with a ban on uncivilized behavior on metros coming into effect across the entire country.
Chinas Ministry of Transport approved the measure back in October. It takes effect on April 1.
The new regulations bar subway-riders nationwide from eating, drinking, begging, peddling, littering, busking, playing music aloud, and lying down or stepping on seats inside metro cars.
Exceptions to the eating/drinking prohibition will be made for young children and those with certain medical conditions.

However, its not clear what the actual penalties will be for violators.
Its also unclear if this will really change anything. More than 30 Chinese cities boast subway systems that already have rules of their own, many banning these same sorts of behaviors.
In Beijing, eating on the subway can technically get you fined 500 yuan ($70).
And yet, eating and other uncivilized antics remain a common sight on metros in China. Whether its the kid being encouraged to pee on the floor or the woman biting fellow commuters.


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