Netizens shocked by crowded Stereophonics concert in UK

While some parts of the world are taking the coronavirus seriously, other parts well, not so much.
For the past two nights, Welsh rockers the Stereophonics have packed the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff with thousands of fans despite calls for the band to cancel their performances amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
With the number of virus cases in the UK rising to nearly 1,400, the band shared photos and videos from their gig onto Twitter.

The clip has made its way to Chinese social media where netizens are stunned, confused, and a bit pissed.
They are all very brave.
I have no words, I wish them well.
Wow! Though we shouldnt be wishing ill for others, this is really unbelievable.
These people have water for brains.
The UK is going to catch up to Italy in no time.
Dont ask for Chinas help when things start to get bad. You got yourself into this mess.

Though, criticism hasnt only come from Weibo. Heres some Twitter replies to the Stereophonics video:


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