New Covid-19 cases back up to 78 as imported infections spike

Coronavirus cases have spiked in China as people infected with the virus continue to arrive from abroad.
Chinas health authority said that 78 new confirmed Covid-19 cases had been reported on the Chinese mainland on Monday. 74 of those cases were imported from abroad.
That number is the highest its been in weeks with imported cases being reported across the city but particularly in Beijing:
  • 31 in Beijing
  • 14 in Guangdong
  • 9 in Shanghai
  • 5 in Fujian
  • 4 in Tianjin
  • 3 in Jiangsu
  • 2 in Zhejiang
  • 2 in Sichuan
  • 1 in Shanxi
  • 1 in Liaoning
  • 1 in Shandong
  • 1 in Chongqing

Mondays spike brings the total number of imported coronavirus cases in mainland China up to 427, the majority of these cases come from overseas Chinese returning home to flee outbreaks elsewhere.
While the imported cases may make up only a small portion of the overall number of virus cases that China has faced, authorities are worried about a second wave of infections and have introduced various screening measures aimed at catching and quarantining passengers infected with the virus before they can pass it on to others.

Beijing-bound international flights now first land at other airports for passenger screening before heading on to Chinas capital where travelers who passed the screening will still be quarantined for two weeks at centralized facilities.

Shanghai has now required that all inbound international travelers take nucleic acid tests. Those arriving from countries hard hit by the coronavirus will then have to go into quarantine.
The imported cases Shanghai reported on Monday came from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Sweden with five of them flying out of London.


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