It was learned from the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden that the park was reopened on March 6. During the epidemic, only the west gate of Shaoshan Road and the north gate of Xiangfu road will be open.



In March, the winter plum blossoms together with early cherry blossoms, magnolia, hyacinths, daffodils have quietly bloomed. People who want to visit the park can enter the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden attractions page through the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden WeChat public account, official website or via Ctrip APP / Mini Program / Webpage search, and make an online reservation for free admission.
The botanical garden receives less than 5,000 visitors a day, and the latest booking time is before 16:30 of the day (Sakura Festival and other holidays can only be booked one day in advance). When the daily reservation quota is full, the day's reservation channel is closed. Each person can reserve a maximum of 3 tickets at a time, and each ID can only be reserved once within the same visit date.

Traffic Guide


Bus routes (West Gate of Botanical Garden): #7171623102120123140141147152209210502702801802806


Bus routes (North Gate of Botanical Garden) : 16,370,602,938.


Get off at the Provincial Government Station of Metro Line 1, and then turn to bus 938 to the north gate of the Botanical Garden.

Xiangfutan Intercity Railway Xiangfu Road Station is close to the north of the botanical garden, and can be smoothly reached by rail transit.

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