Old dog dies after being released from coronavirus quarantine

A dog has tragically died only two days after being released from coronavirus quarantine. While the virus isnt believed to have contributed to its death, the quarantine itself may have.
The dog made headlines last month after testing a weak-positive multiple times for the Covid-19 virus.
Since the dogs owner had contracted the virus, it wasnt clear if the dog was testing positive because it really had the virus or because of some environmental contamination.
The World Health Organization said that there was no evidence the coronavirus could be transmitted to pets. Hong Kong officials advised pet owners not to worry but also not to kiss their dogs.

Eventually, it was determined that the dog was not infected with the virus. It was allowed to go back home on Saturday.

Just two days later, the unfortunate animal was dead.
The dog was 17 years old. Vets say that it may have died due to the stress and anxiety of being kept away from its family for so long a time.


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