Spotless! Get 15% off all the house cleaning services this April

The city is waking up from the quarantine slumber and a sticky floor or dusty air conditioner is not an appropriate way to greet Spring.
But who actually has time for cleaning? We are honestly just scrambling to catch up with returning friends and careers here.
Instead of putting a worry of cleaning on those shoulders, let a housekeeper take care of the apartment while you are basking in the sun!
But finding a reliable ayi can be another eternal quest in Shanghai, so we are letting the professionals at MinuteCare help out.

Not only will the company set you up with a suitable candidate, but they will also take care of salaries, cleaning products, scheduling, holiday, and any issues you could come across.

Whenever you encounter an issue or have a question just contact the bilingual support team from MinuteCare. No more clumsy WeChat-translated conversations with your ayi, asking your Mandarin-fluent friends for help or confusion about how much money you should put in the Spring Festival hongbao.
At the end of the day, having a housekeeper is just like having an employee and if you try to manage it yourself it could become more of a hassle than help!
MinuteCare offers three types of services: regular housekeeping, one-off services, and Airbnb management.
Best news? All of their services are 15% off in April! Check out the options below.
Regular housekeeping services

What is it?

A new service of regular housekeeping or babysitting visits according to your schedule.
Who is it for?
You live in Shanghai and need someone reliable to help you out on a regular basis.
MinuteCare offers two packages depending on your needs, Model A with flexible hours and Model B with regular monthly hours.
How does that work?
The monthly payment is set up according to your contract, with a fapiao on request. The staff gets regular training, quality control, and full management so you dont need to move a finger. There is professional bilingual support available throughout shall you need it.
What are my options?
Model A: You can choose a digital clock-in system for your housekeeper if you require a flexible service with shifting hours.
Model B: Larger households that require more frequent help without the hassle of constant scheduling can opt-in for fixed hours. Model B offers more hours for a better price than Model A.

What about the cleaning products?

You can instruct the MinuteCare team to use the cleaning products you have in the apartment or order an add-on service if you prefer them to bring their own:

  1. Standart products and equipment: economic set of all the cleaning products needed

  2. VIP products: chemical-free and environment-friendly cleaning product set.

  3. Equipment rental: the company can provide you with vacuums, iron, ironing board or anything else you might need.

One-off cleaning services

What is it?

One-time cleaning service provided according to your needs
Who is it for?
Perfect for deep spring cleaning, disinfection, post-party cleaning, moving and other special occasions.
How does that work?
You schedule a housekeeper or a team to come over at a suitable time and pay when the cleaning is done. No need to take care of cleaning products and no strings attached!
What are the terms?
Minimum 2 hours at a time, RMB85 per hour.
Professional AC cleaning

What is it?

The professional solution to get your AC cleaned and purified top to bottom. You have no idea how disgusting ACs can get before they are opened up. 
What are the terms?
Service scheduled three days after booking and starts from RMB300 with payment on the day of cleaning.
Professional carpet cleaning

What is it?

Professional washing for the carpets in your apartment. Hint: they are perfect breeding grounds for dust and bacteria.
What are the terms?
Carpet pick-up three days after booking and delivery 3-5 days later with the delivery fee included less than 5km from West Nanjing Road. Rates start at RMB200 per order.
Window exterior cleaning

What is it?

Professional cleaning for the exterior of your windows let that sun in! Disclaimer: dont try to do it yourself if you live higher than the 1st floor.
What are the terms?
Service scheduled three days after booking with payment on the day. Rates start at RMB400 with RMB25 per square meter.

Full Airbnb management, and housekeeping

What is it?

MinuteCare team can take care of your apartment with the special concierge service. Whether you are away or renting your place as a holiday house, the team can make sure the apartment is spotless when you or the next guests arrive.
The team can take full care of your Airbnb listing, from taking pictures, updating the listing, interacting with guests, and any management during their stay.
It is fully legal with the landlords consent and the company guarantees safety with reimbursement for any loss or damage.
What are the terms?
MinuteCare would take over 40% of the revenue accumulated.

While Shanghai is slowly relaxing the post-quarantine rules, it is still crucial to comply with any existing health regulations. MinuteCare needs to ensure that:
  • The housekeeper is healthy and respects the sanitary rules: shows their Shanghai QR code and undergoes temperature check.

  • The client is healthy and respects the sanitary rules: please show them your Shanghai QR code.

  • The client informs the community management committee and confirms that the housekeeper is allowed to enter the compound.

Get more information on the services offered at www.minutecare.cn, drop them an email at [email protected], or scan the QR codes below.


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