Taste your Bob Dylan set menu at Playground in Modern Art Museum

Ok, that may have sounded suspicious and needs a few sentences of extra introduction. Let us just say this: if you ever wanted that mesmerizing art show to extend its creativity beams way into the lunch hour  ding ding ding!
Modern Art Museum adjacent Playground has been serving art lovers with a fusion menu with inspiration coming from the Middle East spice-heavy dishes, flavorful Asian cuisine, European food mastery, and, of course, art!
Their usual menu has recently expanded to include Bob Dylan: Retrospectum exhibition-themed lunch boxes! After getting inspired by the MaM exhibition, head down to the lively area of Playground to get your lunch.

As usual, if you are not willing to go to the meal, the meal will come to you. The convenient boxed meals are also available on Meituan and Eleme platforms, so you can get a touch of inspiration without going out!
With the weather bringing summer vibes closer and closer to home, Playgrounds lunch boxes are a perfect solution for an improvised waterside or park picnic.
Every set includes:
  • An exhibition manual
  • An exhibition playlist that can be accessed by scanning the QR code
  • A recipe for Playgrounds Chocolate Chip Cookies or Papaya Salad
  • Your choice of a delicious meal

How do I get one of those?

All you need to do is choose your set and pick the dishes!
  • Things Have Changed RMB68, main dish + soft drink + bread
  • Highway 61 Revisited RMB58, sandwich + soft drink + bread
  • Make You Feel My Love RMB56, salad + soft drink + bread
  • Afternoon tea set, RMB25-30 pastry + coffee

Besides the mains and salads grouped into exhibition specials, Playground is still serving their usual a la carte menu that is great for some post-isolation meal sharing.
Dip your pita bread into some hummus, gorge on colorful salads or tortilla salads and finish up with brownies or kafir lime cookies.
Get your fix of creativity and food inspiration from Playground by visiting their space at MaM or scanning QR codes below
Eleme food delivery

Meituan food delivery


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