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Since January 23, more than 42,000 medical workers from more than 340 medical teams from 29 provinces and cities, the Xinjiang production and construction corps and army have rushed to Hubei province to help save lives.

"Thank you" is the most commonly heard sentence in Wuhan this winter. There is much gratitude in the hearts of Wuhan people. 

There are 32 posters sincerely show the thankfulness from Wuhan people, for those who have fought for Hubei and Wuhan.

In this "War", every province outputed the highest level of hospitals, the most top doctors and medical group gathered to fight against the epidemic.

They also sent life-saving medical machines ECMO, non-invasive ventilator, monitor and so on

And they are standing with Wuhan to face the difficulties and fight until win.

Busides Wuhan, medical aid teams also went to various parts of Hubei province.

Medical staff from 19 provinces supporting 17  Hubei cities, we fought together with the whole Hubei province.

Wuhan people expressed their thankfulness in various ways.

Some people use the cartoon version to record the daily medical care, some people put thier words into a poetry, some people write the name of the medical staff all over the coat, to take home as a great treasure.

The cured patient is always standing outside the door for a long time,

looking back again and again, and sincerely inviting the medical staff to visit Wuhan again.

A nurse from jilin said with tears.

"Cherry blossom is not the most beautiful thing in Wuhan.

The heart of wuhan people is."

Wuhan is grateful for every help, 

when you take off your protection suit,

when the city is lively again.

Wuhan is looking forward to your visiting!

Wuhan is waiting to meet all of you again in the future!

Except for the "warriors" from all sides,

all the medical workers in Hubei,

it was you who stood in front of us from the beginning to the \n

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