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A sudden epidemic swept the country from Wuhan. It broke the festival atmosphere which should be full of peace and joy.

At the beginning of the epidemic in Changsha, the whole city seemed to be shrouded in darkness. Its  like pressing the pause button of Changsha city. Nobody walking on the street anymore.

Although Changsha city is not busy as before. The warmly Spring is coming on time with sunshine, which lights up every family. It brightens the city and it also brings confidences to all people.

Under this circumstances, everybody are full of courage to against the epidemic, especially our medical workers. Theyre never afraid of the virus, and always staying at the front. They saved peoples life, and making our life full of sunshine.

Were protecting our hometown, and also protecting our country.

This is Changsha, it is still full of youthful vitality and charm after overcoming the epidemic.

Railway station square.

Wuyi road.

Du Fu Pavilion.

Kaifu Temple.

Gaoqiao Luojiaba.

Gaoqiao highway.

North Huangxing Road.

Zhongshan Pavilion.

Huangxing Square

Wuyi Square.

South Changsha Raiway Station.

Furong Square Highway.

Tianxin Square.

Taiping Street.

The slogans on the big screen.

We all long for prosperity
but we will never forget the "pause button"
and how determined we were.




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