Tickets to China outrageously expensive as citizens rush home

While not too long ago plane tickets to China were dirt cheap, now youre going to have to pay more than a couple pretty pennies to get back to the Middle Kingdom.
With Covid-19 outbreaks plaguing Europe, many overseas Chinese nationals are now fleeing back to China, creating huge demand for seats on the limited number of flights out from cities like Milan, Paris, and London.
Screenshots have recently been going viral on Weibo showing some astronomically high ticket prices with flights to China now at least three times more expensive than the other way around.
Heres a deal for a 40-hour trip from Milan to Shanghai, costing 21,798 yuan ($3,113). Act now, there are only four tickets left!

And heres some more outrageous deals, including 60,805 yuan ($8,600) tickets for a 39-hour trip from Heathrow to Pudong:

More reasonable options are unavailable:

The rush of returnees has caused the carefully planned system of screening at the Beijing airport to buckle, leading to massive crowds of travelers waiting in line for hours while ignoring rules about standing 1-meter away from other people.

Everyone coming in from abroad will then have to remain in quarantine for two weeks, but, apparently, thats proven preferable to saving a lot of money and staying in Europe.


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