To medical workers



From 7:30 on March 18th, more than 11,000 screens in the whole city including Changsha Wuyi Square, Huangxing Square, Wanda Square, Hexi Oaks Square, and Changsha Bus and Subway Mobile TV, lit up the Hunan Provincial Support Team Medical staff photo poster.



Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Hunan Province has sent a total of 1498 people to Hubei Province in 19 batches of medical teams. After more than 50 days of hard work by frontline medical staff in the fight against epidemic, China's epidemic prevention and control has achieved important results. On March 17, the first batch of 3,675 medical staff supporting the Hubei medical team embarked on their return journey and evacuated Hubei in succession.


Up to now, Hunan Province has accumulatively dispatched 19 teams of medical teams to Hubei Province for a total of 1498 people.



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