Travelers will have to pay for their own quarantine

Officials in Shanghai have confirmed that travelers arriving from countries hard hit by the coronavirus will have to pay for their two-week quarantine.
The accommodation charge at designated hotels is between 200 yuan ($28.50) and 400 yuan ($56.99), said Shanghais Civil Affairs Bureau on Tuesday.
Of course, thats not including food nor bottled water, as one woman at a Pudong hotel recently found out, quarreling with police in hazmat suits about the lack of mineral spring water being provided to her.
This is not a hotel. This is a quarantine area, one officer told her. This quarantine isnt for you to get a vacation!

Starting from four countries, Shanghais blacklist of key coronavirus affected nations has grown to eight and then up to 16, including many countries in Europe.

All travelers who have visited one of these countries in the past two weeks will have to undergo two weeks of quarantine upon their arrival in Shanghai, either at home or in a designated hotel.
Beijing officials have similarly made it clear that all travelers will have to pay for their own quarantine.
Chinas capitals measures are even stricter than Shanghais, mandating quarantine for all incoming international travelers and only allowing self-isolation in limited circumstances.


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