US surpasses China to lead world in coronavirus cases

The United States is now number one in the world in terms of its number of coronavirus cases.
China had held onto that top spot for months after the extremely infectious virus started spreading there back in December, becoming a full-blown epidemic in January.
However, the US has suddenly surged ahead over the past week as outbreaks have consumed major cities and caused them to go on partial lockdown.
New York state has reported more than 37,000 cases with over 20,000 of that number coming from New York City alone, quickly catching up with Chinas original epicenter in Hubei province (67,800 cases) and Wuhan (50,000 cases).
While things are now returning to normal in China, the virus only seems to be getting started in the US while many countries in Europe continue to struggle to stop the spread of the disease.
Heres a look at the top 10 hardest-hit countries by the pandemic. China is soon to slip into third.
  1. United States 83,000

  2. China 81,000

  3. Italy 80,000

  4. Spain 57,000

  5. Germany 43,000

  6. Iran 29,000

  7. France 29,000

  8. Switzerland 11,000

  9. United Kingdom 11,000

  10. South Korea 9,000

Already, both Italy and Spain have reported more coronavirus related deaths than China 8,200 and 4,300 compared with 3,200. The United States has reported 1,201 deaths so far, though that number appears likely to rise quickly.
President Donald Trump has blamed China for the coronavirus crisis in the US, claiming that Beijing was not upfront about the virus.
I wish they could have told us earlier about what was going on inside, Trump said during a press briefing last week. We didnt know about it until it started coming out publicly.
Those words came two months after Trump publicly praised Chinas response to the outbreak, tweeting that the US greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency.


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