Woman flew to China because she couldn't get tested in US

Beijing police are now investigating a woman with the coronavirus for lying about her health status in order to fly to China for treatment after she tried to get tested in the United States but was rejected.
The 37-year-old woman, surnamed Li, is a Chinese citizen who lives and works in Massachusets. Her case was related to the press by Beijing officials on Saturday and then again on Monday.
According to the officials, in late February, Li reportedly attended a company meeting where another of the attendees later tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.
She then came down with a fever and began exhibiting other virus symptoms on March 1.

Rejected in the US

Two days later, she went to a hospital in Massachusetts where she was given flu medication. She went back to the hospital for a chest scan on March 5, which turned out normal.
However, on March 11, she had another chest scan which showed an infection in her lungs.
Despite Li asking three times, the hospital refused to test her for the coronavirus.

Tested positive in China

Two days later, she was on an Air China flight from Los Angeles to Beijing with her husband and son.
In order to get on the flight, she didnt tell anyone that she believed she might be infected with the coronavirus. Instead, she told a flight attendant that she had low blood sugar to explain her sickly condition.
Upon arrival in Beijing, Li and her family were taken to the hospital. She tested positive for the coronavirus while her husband and son were put into quarantine for observation.
Almost 60 people who came into close contact with Li are also being monitored, Beijing officials have accused of her putting the health of the planes flight crew and fellow passengers at risk by not disclosing her health status.

Under investigation

On Monday, China announced six types of behavior that could be considered a crime against epidemic prevention efforts, punishable by up to three years imprisonment. That list includes concealing ones health status by providing wrong information when filling in a health form.
Despite calls from officials for overseas Chinese to seek local medical treatment and not try to return to China if they begin exhibiting virus symptoms, China has so far reported at least 123 imported coronavirus cases.
The vast majority of that number are returning Chinese nationals.


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